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A distinguished 501C3 non-profit fostering collaboration to uplift healthcare professionals. Our mission is to make a positive impact, provide unwavering support, and enhance the overall quality of life for healthcare professionals throughout every stage of their careers.


Join us in growing a network that extends beyond professional boundaries. Together, we can bring hope and help to those whose care is invaluable to us all.


A cohesive network where like-minded individuals come together for education, strategic partnerships, and networking opportunities. From investment and financial education to addressing mental burnout, we support personal and professional growth.

Our President and Founder

Dr. André Coombs graduated from the University of the West Indies medical school in Jamaica in 2007 with Honors in the Basic Medical Sciences and is currently an active Trauma/Acute Care Surgeon and Intensivist in Miami, FL. Dr. Coombs completed his General Surgery residency at Mount Sinai Medical Center Miami Beach and his Surgical Critical Care Fellowship at Stanford University. It was at Stanford where he was formally introduced to entrepreneurship in medicine and simultaneously completed the Stanford Biodesign Innovation course during his Fellowship. His dedication to excellence is supported by his lifelong pursuit of happiness, peace of mind and fulfillment through his own experiences.

After a number of personal and financial challenges during his training years, Dr. Coombs was able to harness the power of networking and developed lasting relationships with other trusted industry professionals who helped him land on his feet in difficult times. He has a unique eye for identifying opportunities to bring different industries together to solve everyday challenges faced in the lives of all medical professionals from medical, dental and nursing school right through to the end of a fulfilling career. Friends of Medicine™ was created to be a support system for those just starting out as well as professionals seeking to take their careers to the next level through education and networking. “Life is a constant pursuit of happiness, peace of mind and fulfillment, but the happiness is always there. You just have to stop, take notice and appreciate the things and people that have helped you along your journey.” André V. Coombs, MD, DABS.


Mental health refers to a person’s emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It encompasses ourthoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and influences how we handle stress,relate to others, and make daily choices. Maintaining good mental health involves achieving a balance in various aspects of life, coping with challenges, and seeking support when needed. Itis crucial for overall well-being and impacts our ability to function, enjoy life, and maintain healthy relationships.





One City At A Time

Friends of Medicine is a membership-based organization where medical and non-medical professionals can network and provide member-to-member support in business to build a future with endless possibilities. This program was created to connect professionals in the medical industry with a wide variety of experts in industries which interact with them throughout the course of their careers. We cater to the specific needs of our members and match them with industry experts in an individualized manner with a focus on long term relationship development. The Friends of Medicine platform is a community of highly successful professionals with a keen understanding of value-based business.

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